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A Recreational Magazine for Members of Thousand Trails and NACO                                    September 1998  $2.00

TT Member Launches
New Board Game

Thousand Trails member Jim O'Connor has introduced a board game that explores the diversity of America.  "Discover America... An American Board Game" can be played at home or in a classroom. Players are quizzed on states, capitals, history, geography, presidents, government, culture, songs, spelling, quotes, authors, books, and more.  "We feel this is the ideal game for families and RVers to travel with," Jim said.  "It really stimulates conversation and promotes education."

Discover America has won rave reviews from across the country, and received the Dr. Toy Award as one of the 10 Best Games of 1997 by the Institute of Childhood Resources.  It also was named by the Chicago Tribune as one of the 10 Best Games of 1998.  The board game sells for $35.00 postpaid.  For more information, contact Jim O'Connor at (970)642-1279.