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New Mexico Family Educators'

Every homeschooling family will love this game! It's got a little bit of geography and history, to learn, to review, to enjoy! The object of the game for 2 or more players is to travel, collect the most money and reach the correct destination. Players begin in Hawaii and must travel across the board to Washington D.C. Along the way players choose between traveling quickly with knowledge of state capitals or by testing memory and knowledge on a wide variety of American trivia, from historical facts to pop culture. As with any trip, players may find luck and rewards or become sorry and find penalties. At the end of the game, all players count their money. The player with the most money wins.

A sample card picked at random - card #167
Who was in charge of the Manhattan Project?
What is the nickname of the state of Oregon?
Where was the Manhattan Project headquartered?
When is Martin Luther King Jr's birthday?
Which airline company did Howard Hughes start?
Define the initials JFK.

One of the wonderful elements of the game is that you need not be restricted by quiz cards in the game. You may ask children to research a subject and create quiz cards of their own. Pieces include; a thick durable board, tokens, chips, money, game cards, lucky cards, sorry cards, spinner, marker and eraser. Two versions of the game are available. All versions are made of quality boards and pieces. The deluxe version has fancier pieces.

This game was great fun. Some of the trivia questions sparked interest in some otherwise obscure areas of knowledge. We found ourselves looking up the history of movie comedies and late 20th century politics. Younger children may find some of the questions difficult, but they are drawn to the game, just the same. Certainly by junior high school level, most kids should find this game challenging and great fun.

Adults will find themselves enjoying the game, at least as much as the kids.

Kathleen O'Mara