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How to Play Discover America

All  versions of Discover America are played the same. The 1,200 quiz questions, lucky and sorry cards, and other components are identical.

For ages 8 and above

Two to four players or teams travel around the board with Washington, D.C. as their final destination. When the last person arrives in Washington, D.C. each player adds up their money; the player with the most money wins.

To progress around the board, players choose to either spin the "state selector" and name a state capital or roll the dice and follow an instruction card.   For example, "Take a quiz card; if correct, move 3, earn $30, and play again." Quiz cards contain questions ranging from the founding of our country to the space age. And to add excitement, players occasionally draw lucky cards & sorry cards!

Here are some sample questions

Who was the third President of the U.S.?
What are the two branches of Congress?
Where is the Mormon Tabernacle?
When was Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated?
Which Great Lake is solely owned by the U.S.?
How many time zones are there across the U.S.?
Which state produces the U.S. supply of chalk?

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