Voted One of The Top Ten Educational Games of the Year 2000 !

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

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    A Great Family Learning Game !

Learning While Having Fun !

Winner of 7 Top Ten Awards

An excellent social studies game that revolutionizes the way we learn American History. Easy to Play! Helps you remember information about America. A great bonding opportunity for the whole family. Everyone will love this game. Everybody wins because every one is learning. 2 + players - Ages 9 - 93.

"How to Raise a Patriotic Child"   By Charlotte Latvala

Play it patriotic. Instilling a love of country doesn't have to feel like homework. Instead, try a game. Play Discover America ($35), which is loaded with history and geography questions as well as a strong element of luck, so younger children won't get discouraged.

Family Life Magazine, June/July 2001

Letter of the Month

The game arrived on Saturday, and my boys, ages 13 & 15, have played it ever since then! They REALLY love it, now they have other kids coming over after School to play it with them. The only problem....they won't let me play!!!!!! I don't know how you did it, but you've produced something, other than a bikini- clad female, that will hold a teenage boys' attention for longer than 5 minutes.

Thanks again,
Alice Coulthard, Florida

Old Glory