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One of The Top Ten Educational Games of the Year 2000 !

Discover America is an excellent social studies game that revolutionizes the way we learn American History. This game helps you remember information about America and is fun for the whole family!

Rebecca Kochenderfer, Editor
The Education Source

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In this category the weightiest criteria is how does my child use this toy. A toy, game or activity may meet many other standards, but if a child is not willing to play with or participate in the activity, the other criteria is useless. The toys, games and activities were not tested in a controlled enviornment. They were implemented into real life family situations (placed in toyboxes and on shelves) and over a period of weeks/months were informally evaluated by parents.

Barbara A. Castle, Editor
Life Works Magazine

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Discover America is a terrific game. We have recognized it as a winner just as teachers have across the country for its high value for the players. Moving from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. the players learn about the history, geography and important points of America's current and past interesting facts. Included in the set are states, player game pieces, money, dry erase marker, quiz cards, wooden dice and other items. This is a game for the family to play and to play in school, at home, or any time.

Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, PhD.
The Institute for Childhood Resources

Number 1 on HEN Radio's Top Ten Resources in 1998 !

This game is easy to play, helps you remember information about America and is a great bonding opportunity for the whole family. Learn about a new game that will revolutionize the way we learn American History. Great game and teaching tool!

Vicki Brady, Hostess
"Homeschooling USA"

Voted # 2 - Chicago Tribune's Ten Best Games - 1998 !

It's a well-designed quiz game that focuses on American history, geography, and culture. Many questions are quite challenging. We estimate a junior-high knowledge of U.S. history and geography is the minimum required, though anyone who knows the names of all the state capitals can survive on that alone for a few rounds.

Phil Vettel, Staff Writer
Chicago Tribune