Frequently Asked Questions

DISCOVER AMERICA is dedicated to my ninth grade English teacher, AGNESE DUNNE, Washington Junior High School, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, who introduced me to the thrill of reading, and to my tenth grade History and Geography teacher, L. G. STOWELL, of Norris Foundation, Mukwanago, Wisconsin, who made those subjects come alive and instilled my desire to travel, learn, and explore. I wish every student in America today could be blessed with teachers as dedicated and as good as they were.

How long does it take to play Discover America?... Approximately 1 hour with 2 players, 1 1/2 hours with 3 players, and 2 hours with 4 or more players.

What ages can play this game?... We advertise "ages 9 to 93". It's truly a game for all age levels and the whole family. I (the inventor) have played against 6 & 7 year olds in addition to older people. They win even though I made up the 1200 questions & know the 50 state capitals. Younger children learn best by playing with older family members, relatives, and friends & have fun besides! The game works well with the same age groups playing together as well as a mixture of ages.

Why should I buy Discover America? What makes it different from other games?... Unlike Trivial Pursuit, you do not learn meaningless trivia. You learn useful facts & information about America without intimidation. Discover America can be played in about 2 hours as opposed to Monopoly. Unlike other games, who will win is not known until the game is over. Another important feature about Discover America is that each player has an equal chance to win regardless of age, prior subject knowledge, or level of education.

How is the money used?... Each player starts the game with a $1300 Player Fund (10 - $100 bills, 10 - $20 bills, and 10 - $10 bills). Money is earned by naming state capitals or by answering quiz questions correctly & on free moves. Money is won or lost with lucky & sorry cards. Money bonuses are also awarded to each player at the end of the game.

What chance do I have playing against my older brother, sister, and parents?... Even if you can't name a state capital or answer a question, you still have an equal chance to win!  A luck factor is designed into the game. There is a  wide variety of subjects with varying difficulty. You can also win on other players turns. Getting free moves plus winning & losing money during the game levels the playing field. Remember it's not the one who finishes first, but the one with the most money at the end of the game that wins!

What are the two wooden dice used for?... If you shake the two dice rather than spin the state selector on your turn, you follow the instructions on the Shake Two Dice Instruction Card. You will select a quiz card, a lucky card, a sorry card, receive a free move, or go to Traveler's Aid depending on the number you shake.

Why do you mark the states?... Once a state is selected, it is marked whether the capital is named correctly or not. This prevents the players who know state capitals well from having an advantage. If a player spins & lands on a state that is already marked, they lose their turn.

When is the white die used?... If you shake a 7, an 8, or an 11 with the two wooden dice, you then shake the white die to determine which quiz question you will be asked (a value from 1 to 6) by the Quiz Master.

What is this thing called Traveler's Aid?... It's like "Go to Jail" in Monopoly. When you shake a six  (6) or a twelve (12) with the two wooden dice, you place your Traveler's Aid Marker underneath your player piece where you currently are on the board. You cannot move your player piece forward or backwards until you name a state capital correctly, answer a quiz question correctly, shake a four (4) or a ten (10), or get a Traveler's Aid Release Pass. Removal of the marker constitutes your turn. You collect money on free moves & lucky cards and you pay money on sorry cards but you don't move your player piece.

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