Grace and I just want to let you know how much we enjoy playing your game. We play the game almost every evening!

Since Grace lost her vision for reading and watching TV, we play Discover America instead.

It is amazing how much one forgets or how little we know about our great nation. Grace and I find it very interesting and educational.

Many of the other questions we remember studying in school, but over the years have forgotten! It is nice to refresh one's memory.

Once again, we enjoy the game very much and are pleased that we bought the Discover America game.

Dale and Grace Panten

I'm excited about the game and looking forward to receiving it. Yes, I have visited the web site. It is excellent.

I am going back to Thailand soon as my sabbatical here in Boston is drawing to an end.

The game is a present for my daughter. I am sure she'll like it, making learning the English language and American history a fun-filled experience for her.

Nantanart Yontrarak

Just wanted to let you know we played Discover America Christmas eve and really enjoyed it.

Doug Detert

We received your game a few weeks ago, and started playing, it's great. Thanks for the beautiful and very interesting game!

Ad Claessens

I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed playing the Discover America game!

Cecelia Ross

My two 10-year-olds really liked the Discover America game, and when I sent it on to our multi-media reviewer, she liked it, too. (I asked her to send it back to us!)

At this point, the review is scheduled for the March-April issue of Homeschooling Today (if all goes as planned).

Craig Young

Now that we 've played the game all week, I wanted to tell you that we like it VERY much. I'm learning a great deal right along with my 8 year old son.

Friends who see it are wanting their own, so I'm passing out your website address.

My son is Gestalt brain dominant, which means he learns best by grasping the whole picture rather than the parts (which is Logic brain dominant).

Playing games that truly teach as you go are perfect learning tools for him, so Discover America is considered part of  his history lessons.

Stephanie Anderson

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